07.26.    Founded a committee for a Korean school in Weihai.

08.26.    Established the Board of Directors (Chairman Kim Jong You).

09.19.    Concluded a lease contract with Weihai Zhongshi Foreign School.

10.18.    Temporary establishment of the school approved by the Bureau of Education, Weihai.

10.24.    School establishment approved by the Korean Ministry of Education. 12.15. The inauguration of the first principal, Mr. Won Oh Lee (appointed by Korean Ministry of Education).

12.21.    Officially sanctioned by the Korean Ministry of Education (Primary, Middle, High school).



02.06.    Weihai City Government ratified the establishment of the school & granted a school permit.

03.05.    Opening ceremony of the 2018 school year.

04.11.    Registered as a private non-profit organization.

05.25.    Opening Ceremony (with Korean Ministry of Education Supervisor, Lee Joonghyun and Korean Consulate General of Qingdao, Park Jinwoong, in attendance).

12.28.    The first graduation ceremony

                (18 elementary school graduates, 23 middle school graduates, 2 high school graduates)



03.01.    Opening ceremony of the 2019 school year & 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement

                240 students enrolled at the school (Primary: 101, Middle: 64, High: 75)

10.25. Mr. Seo Joo Chan, chairman of the school board took office

01.07. The 2nd Graduation (Elementary: 23, Middle: 27, High: 20 students)


03.16.  Started Virtual classes

05.11.  Grade 12 students started to come back to school

05.20.  Grade 9 students back to school

05.28.  All secondary students back to school

06.07.  All elementary students back to school

01.07.  The 3rd Graduation ceremony (Elementary: 19, Middle:24, High: 25 students)

01.13.  Published the three-year history of the school



03.01.  Inauguration of 2nd principal, Mr. Yoon Suk Ju (appointed by the Korean Ministry Education)

03.08. Opening ceremony of the 2021 school year