Welcome to Korean School of Weihai(KSW).

  To the students, parents, teachers, members of the school staff, and the Koreans who reside in Weihai and love our school, thank you for visiting our school website.

  For the education of Korean children in Shandong Province and the city of Weihai, KSW was established with 12 classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12 on March 1, 2018. The school has been officially sanctioned by the Korean government and the Weihai city government.

  Students of KSW have been pleasantly studying and enjoying their school life, combining magnanimity and creativity towards the school goal of becoming independent students with healthy minds and open hearts.

Last year, during the first year of KSW, we overcame many difficulties with the support of the Korean Ministry of Education, the Korean Consulate General in Qingdao, the Board of   School, the parents, Korean residents in Weihai, and the collective effort of the entire school staff. We ran the school with creative programs founded upon basic conditions such as school facilities, meals and transportation.

  Based upon the results of last year, we will do our best to leap forward this year and be better for our school by increasing communication and cooperation among the family members of KSW.

  KSW will share all news and information about the school and educational activities on this website. We ask for your utmost attention and sincere support for the school. Thank you very much.

February, 2019

Lee Won Oh, the Principal of KSW